Who We Are in the USA

As the leading international bank, HSBC maintains a privileged position in high growth markets, particularly in Asia. This enables us to build on our strategic advantages as a global financial institution capable of bridging the economies of east and west. Through these capabilities, HSBC supports the global ambitions of American customers and provides customers from more than 60 countries and territories access to the US market.

Our future in the US

Our three fundamental principles

  • We're focused on what we do best
  • We're simplifying the way we do business
  • We'll be sustainably profitable through people, a global mindset and the right customers

Our purpose and values

We’re here to use our unique expertise, capabilities, breadth and perspectives to open up a world of opportunity for our customers. Our values guide us in all our actions – from strategic decisions to day-to-day interactions with customers and each other.

HSBC has a great footprint and services for us. This is important, but it is the great relationship team and excellent customer service that makes us look to expand our business with HSBC.


Why the US is significant for HSBC

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HSBC allows me to be myself and believes in team dynamics. This is a very diverse company and has a global footprint unmatched by other banks.

HSBC US Employee

Watch the stories of our US employees

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Serving their country and our bank

HSBC in the United States

With a presence in 15 states, we employ around 8,000 employees and serve customers across three core businesses.

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With a longstanding and deep history in the US, HSBC prides itself on helping American customers realize their global ambitions and international clients achieve their goals in the US.

HSBC is firmly committed to the communities we serve. Whether promoting inclusion and equality, championing sustainability or ensuring we enable impactful giving and investment, our foundation is rooted in the communities in which we live and work.

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