HSBC’s eMarketplace Solution

Exploring HSBC’s eMarketplace

HSBC’s eMarketplace is a centralized, online solution that makes payment disbursement more efficient for you and your vendors. We realize that many accounts payable departments struggle with outdated, time-consuming and labor intensive processes that leave companies vulnerable to human error and inaccuracies. HSBC’s eMarketplace is a highly scalable solution uniquely designed to address this.

It starts by centralizing the printing and mailing all of your outgoing paper checks from vendor payments to expense reimbursements and regular payroll checks, to dividend payments and more. It then seamlessly migrates those paper-based disbursements to cost-effective electronic payments in the form of Virtual Card or ACH transactions.

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eMarketplace payment processing benefits include:

  • Realize productivity gains and reduce overall processing costs
  • Digital payment automation eliminates the need to make costly investments in maintaining and upgrading printing and mailing systems
  • Gain access to world-class ap automation capabilities and extensive technical knowledge
  • Constructs a framework that helps to control fraud, streamline the disbursements operations, increase productivity and decrease costs
  • Revenue share (rebates)
  • Eliminate postage/printing costs
  • Dedicated Vendor Enrollment team to manage and promote adoptions
  • Automated email notification of online vendor payments
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