At HSBC, we’ve committed up to $1 trillion to build a thriving, resilient future for society and businesses. At the heart of such an equitable future sits a community of women and minorities who are continually creating and innovating for a better world.

Based on the latest HSBC Navigator report, investors and issuers increasingly believe that supporting organizations that focus on the future of society can improve investment returns. At HSBC, through a variety of curated products and advisory services, we’re proud to be supporting these businesses and working with our partners to help deliver a more inclusive economy.

It is imperative to take women, girls, and underserved populations, into account as we journey towards a net zero future. There is an opportunity to create a more inclusive future - we need to be thinking about the environmental and social issues in tandem if we’re going to achieve that.

Anoushka Mehta | Head of ESG Banking, HSBC Global Banking and Markets, Americas

What is the ‘S’ in ESG, really?

Join our Chief Investment Officer, Jose Rasco, in a conversation with Anoushka Mehta, our Head of ESG Banking, as they dive into what the ‘S’ for ‘Social Impact’ in ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is, why an inclusive economy is so important and how HSBC is committed to supporting women and minorities.
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