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What is Technology Finance?

Our technology bankers work with all major technology eco-systems to help fuel your companys growth and understand its sector. As tech and finance continue to grow together, HSBC makes sure that our customers gain new business insights and intelligence with our industry leading technology, opening up a world of opportunity.

Whether you are an early stage disrupter, or are well on your journey to grow internationally, our dedicated team of technology sector specialists can support you every step of the way.

We work closely with technology businesses in all stages of the growth journey, leveraging our on-the-ground coverage in key technology ecosystems, in-depth knowledge, experience and global network to help you achieve your ambitions.


Our dedicated technology bankers can support you in all major key technology ecosystems across the US, supported by subsector experts to help fuel your growth


We can help you quickly scale internationally.  Our technology bankers can help provide rapid access to our network spanning 64 countries and territories


As your SaaS, IT, or other kind of tech company grows, HSBC will be with you, bringing in product, capital markets and advisory experts from start-up, scale up and through to exit

Technology Subsector Expertise

HSBC's tech specialist team helps businesses gain insight into their respective technology sector by providing information about technology financing. Supported by subsector experts, the teams knowledge helps companies grow by unlocking value from HSBC data platforms.

Our key sector specialist teams, present in all major technology eco-systems across the US, with strong relationships and expertise within the VC universe, can help fuel your tech business' growth.

  • Consumer & Internet

    Consumer Products & Services, AdTech, EdTech and E-Commerce
  • Enterprise Software & Services

    Big Data, Cloud Tech and Cyber
  • Enterprise Hardware

    Semiconductors, Servers & Networking and Computer Equipment & Peripherals
  • Disruptive

    Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Mobility , Internet of Things, Healthtech, Fintech
  • Green

At HSBC we use industry leading technology to both protect and unlock value from our data. Our mission is simple, to help organisations gain new business insights and intelligence. By connecting people to our data, we open up a world of opportunity for our customers.

Kate Platonova | Group Data and Analytics Officer

How we're helping our technology industry customers

At HSBC we value the growth of our technology industry customers and there subsectors. Our experters have worked with banking technology companies in areas of sustainability, mobile devices and more, opening up a world of opportunity in the growing technology landscape.

Enterprise Software: Age of Cyber Security

Explore the cybersecurity ecosystem and examine ESG, financial, and reputational issues at stake.

On the Yellow Brick Road to Web3 and the Metaverse

The Metaverse is proof that we can imagine beyond the current applications of the internet.

Disruptive: The Metaverse Multiverse

Explore why the Metaverse might be the next big disruptive innovation.

An Economy of Inclusion

HSBC is committed to supporting women and minority-led businesses to help deliver a more inclusive economy. Find out how our solutions are leading the way.

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