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We’re helping our corporate clients reach their sustainability goals. Find out more about how our dedicated expertise is helping propel them into the future.

Via, redefining how the world moves

Did you know that Via is providing tech that promotes sustainable and equitable transit to more than 500 public and private entities in more than 35 countries? We’re proud to support technology companies like Via that are positively impacting our people and our planet. Watch how.

Phenix, tackling world hunger

Every year a third of the world's food goes to waste. That's enough to feed the combined populations of China and the USA. Too big a problem to solve?

Not for Parisian innovators Phenix, who've developed an app that gives unsold food a second life. In creating a circular economy Phenix is bringing us closer to a world without waste, and we consider it a privilege to be helping this smart tech solution expand into new continents.

Voltus, the connective tissue of the grid

Voltus aims to advance the transition to a fully renewable grid by solving rapidly growing problems facing grid operators and electricity consumers alike.

Advanced Biotech, building a more sustainable future with renewable energy

Mitigating the impacts of climate change is not only a global issue. It’s a local issue that requires local action – just ask Advanced Biotech.

How HSBC is helping Powin, an energy storage company, grow

The future of the grid is dependent on efficient energy storage solutions. That's why we're supporting Powin through financing and access to our global network and connections.

ChargePoint, shaping the future of mobility

Driven by the availability of electric cars, the demand for charging outlets globally is expected to grow remarkably through the next five years. Find out how HSBC is supporting ChargePoint as they shape the future of mobility and expanding their network in Europe.

Working Together for Purpose – Liberty Mutual and HSBC

An increase in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events – from droughts and heatwaves to flooding and wildfires to tropical storms and hurricanes – has touched customers of virtually every Property & Casualty insurance company around the world. They know better than most the urgency of solving the climate crisis. For many, this has historically meant lowering their own carbon footprints. However, more and more are realizing they need to take a more active role in financing the transition. HSBC has been working with several North American insurance companies – providing both green financing solutions and advisory services to help advance their sustainability journeys.

Frontenac, private equity on the road to net zero

ESG practices are gaining traction among private equity firms. We're proud to support our client Frontenac with the first private equity loan in Canada under Green Loan Principles, allocated towards sustainable projects.

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