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The world needs to hear what your business has to say

The global business environment is rapidly changing. Every day, you’re met with new challenges that fundamentally alter how you do business at home and in the markets around the world. To help you continue your journey, takes someone who knows the way.

With over 150 years of global experience, HSBC speaks every language, currency and category of business across 71 countries and territories. We give you broad international reach to drive your ambitions while delivering expertise to solve your day-to-day business challenges. Everything you need to navigate this ever-changing world and prosper.

The Benefits of Speaking World

When your business wants to expand internationally, it can feel like you're a traveler who doesn’t speak the language. Luckily, HSBC does. Watch our video to see how we address your most pressing concerns.

Finance’s Role in Enterprise Innovation

CFOs are playing an ever-increasing role in driving enterprise innovation, but many still need to evolve in this role. Discover what leading CFOs has to say about finance’s role in innovation in this report.

  • CFOs fall short when it comes to applying advanced analytics
  • Some CFOs are creating dedicated teams to focus on innovation
  • CFOs increasingly play a key role shaping growth and innovation strategies

Building a global business is all about ambition. The success of that ambition depends on your global network - and how you manage it.


Translate your challenge

Running a global business is not without challenge. Whether you are trying to manage multiple accounts, get to grips with new regulations, or keep on top of credit management, it can often take you away from running your business successfully. With HSBC as your banking partner, you’ll have dedicated relationship manager with a deep understanding of global markets, streamlined processes, and end-to-end support, so you can focus on what you do best.

Click on each of the tiles below to learn how HSBC can help you and your business overcome its biggest banking challenges.

I’m juggling too many banking relationships

With HSBC, you’ll have one dedicated relationship manager who helps you manage all of your contacts and resources, stays aware of your business goals and works with you to identify new opportunities.

I want to focus on growing my business, not on banking

Your business is your passion, and your success is our passion. Your dedicated HSBC relationship manager helps define the best steps for your business’ expansion, so you can focus less on banking and more on your business success.

Accessing my funds is difficult

At HSBC, we offer you a unified solution with the ability to streamline your businesses funds and liquidity with HSBCnet. View all of your information in one place, for complete control and visibility of your credit.

I need help understanding the nuances of the new market

HSBC gives you the resources you need to help you navigate foreign markets and stay up-to-date on foreign market fluctuations.

I need help managing multiple accounts in multiple

We are the world’s local bank. With global presence in 71 countries, we help you grow internationally without the need for multiple accounts across different countries.

I’m finding new regulations too confusing

All of HSBC’s relationship managers have a firm understanding of various regulations and local market expertise, helping you to maximize your opportunities in international markets.

To find out more about how HSBC can help your business towards international success, click here.


We speak global connections

Learn how our International Subsidiary Banking offering can help support your company’s journey forward.

We speak global market trends

Gain insight into what over 8,500 businesses across 34 markets are saying and understand the opportunity for your business – now, next and how.

We speak International business growth

If you’re looking to expand your operations into new markets, our international insights can help connect you to opportunities. Find out how

We speak your sector

At HSBC, our global reach and expertise support approximately two million business customers – from small businesses to multinationals. We understand the unique needs, challenges, and opportunities that are available within each type of industry.

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