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Watch: How Frank & Eileen is Shattering the “Glass Runway”

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Fashion entrepeneur Audrey McLoghlin on supporting women, succeeding together and inspiring the next generation.

From day one, Frank & Eileen founder and CEO Audrey McLoghlin believed that she had the opportunity to build her business as a force for good. Now, over a decade later, her vision has helped Frank & Eileen grow into a globally-recognized fashion brand that’s challenging a traditionally male-dominated industry. But success is only part of the story. What makes McLoghlin’s story unique is how she succeeded, with a business she defines as, “Woman-owned, women-led and mother-approved.”

Speaking from her Los Angeles home near Frank & Eileen’s headquarters, McLoghlin is quick to point out that female leadership is a rarity in fashion. Rather than a glass ceiling, McLoghlin refers to this imbalance as the “glass runway.” That’s why she’s been passionate about creating a work environment where women, and mothers in particular, don’t feel like they’re forced to choose between their commitments at home and their commitment to advancing their careers.

Instead of a glass ceiling, we call it a glass runway.

Tapping into HSBC’s apparel financing specialists

Beyond supporting her own employees, McLoghlin’s leadership embodies the notion of “We Succeed Together,” one of HSBC’s core values, by building supportive business relationships with all of her partners. Since she started working with HSBC Commercial Banking retail and apparel industry experts, McLoghlin has seen a change in her ability to open new doors and create new connections. “HSBC knocks and the door flies open,” says McLoghlin.

Now, Frank & Eileen is looking toward the future. After becoming a certified B Corporation—a designation that recognizes a company’s social and environmental performance—McLoghlin was inspired to create a $10 million pledge over ten years that will help support the next generation of female leaders. As McLoghlin summarized simply: “Female leaders will make other female leaders.”

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Watch: How Frank & Eileen is Shattering the “Glass Runway”

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