Navigator – Rebuilding beyond 2020

Have businesses thrived or simply survived during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis? How has that shaped their plans for the future? Find out from thousands of global business decision-makers.
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Evolution, not revolution

Our Resilience report in July revealed a picture of challenge and change.

Since then, we’ve surveyed more than 10,000 companies in 39 countries and territories to find out how they’re responding to the ongoing challenges and preparing for the future.

The findings in our Navigator – Rebuilding Beyond 2020 report reveal that most businesses are evolving rather than transforming. In doing so, they’re continuing to invest in growth – and they’re changing their mindset around what will make them successful.

What can your business learn from their approach? How will US businesses rebuild beyond 2020?

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Now, next and how for business

Growing Business Optimism

Our research shows that despite the current worldwide pandemic adding uncertainty, US businesses are more optimistic than their global counterparts about business growth. Some common themes have emerged.

  • Almost three quarters (74%) of US firms are more optimistic or expect business to stay the same, compared to two-thirds (67%) globally.
  • One in 10 US companies are already ahead of pre-pandemic profitability levels.


of US companies expect to return to pre-COVID levels of profitability by the end of 2021

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While there is still a lot of uncertainty primarily driven by the ongoing global pandemic, US business leaders are planning ahead and adjusting their investment strategies for growth in 2021…focusing on building better relationships with customers and on ensuring employee satisfaction are going to be the drivers for investment over the next 12 months.

Wyatt Crowell, U.S. Head of Commercial Banking at HSBC

Future Business Strategy

Despite the challenges, companies in the US remain positive about the future.

The majority of businesses in the US are adapting or thriving in challenging conditions


Adapting to the changing environment


Thriving in the new normal


Surviving day-to-day

Corporate Growth Beyond 2020

Want to read our global report to learn more about how businesses are handling these challenges across the globe?

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