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Every organization has unique needs. Wherever you do business, we have solutions to help.
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HSBC Credit and Lending services offer access to a range of long and short-term business loans designed to meet your specific corporate funding requirements.
Tap into our wealth of experience customizing commercial lending services for organizations of all sizes.
Finance capital investments and business growth to improve your cash flow or manage day-to-day expenses more effectively.
Our flexible corporate financing options include short-term revolving credit facilities and working capital financing

What are commercial loans?

Commercial loans, or corporate loans, are monetary contracts provided by banks to businesses of all sizes as funding instruments for a variety of operational needs including:

  • Financing Capital Expenses
  • Acquiring Assets and Resources
  • Reinvesting
  • Maintaining and Improving Infrastructure & Equipment

Credit and lending tools for businesses - these allow corporate organizations to cover ongoing and sudden costs and boost cash flow by creating an influx of working capital for investments as well as local and global growth.

Business loans - depending on the lender, include flexible repayment options with lower interest rates allowing for corporations to access vital funding while making payments in a time frame that is best suited to their situation.

With a wealth of experience in customizing our credit and lending services for a variety of organizations, HSBC’s financial experts are prepared to help you access credit via the ideal business lending solution for your corporation’s goals.

Our business credit and lending solutions

The ideal business lending solution customizes business credit options to fit your organization’s goals and financial priorities. Unlock sustained corporate growth with commercial mortgages: business loans designed to address property purchases and renovations. For large capital investments, our term loans help fund and improve corporate investments. These programs evolve to unlock unique potential for your company’s situation. Similarly, our shorter-term business revolving lines of credit make daily business expenses simpler and provide working capital for flexibility in the face of capital expenditures and operations.

HSBC’s business credit and lending solutions work with you to secure working capital when and where you need it. Contact an HSBC expert now to tap into our corporate lending experience for your business.

Commercial mortgages

Access commercial mortgages for purchasing new property, as well as business loans for refinancing or making improvements to existing buildings.

Revolving loans

Boost working capital to cover short-term or day-to-day business expenses by drawing, repaying and redrawing cash as needed within the limits of the facility.

Term loans

Make use of our customized commercial lending programs to meet specific business challenges, such as supporting growth, investing in and developing commercial real estate or financing long-term capital projects.
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