Liquidity, liability and investments

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To support and grow your business, make the most of your capital and liquidity. We have the right tools so you can view, access and use funds in the most effective way possible.
Improve visibility and increase planning accuracy with market leading tools for global capital portfolio data and insights
Put idle funds to work to preserve capital and maintain and grow liquidity
Consolidate balances for faster, easier access to capital

Our liquidity, liability and investments solutions

Automated investment sweep

Put excess balances to work by opting to automatically move idle cash from your business account and investing it in an HSBC balance sheet fund (global liquidity fund) or a non-balance sheet fund of your choice.

Cash concentration

Eliminate idle balances across all of your company’s accounts with the ability to physically transfer (“sweep”) excess funds into a single master account.

Deposit account

Earn greater interest on excess cash by holding it in an account separate from your primary business account.

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