Managing risk

Every organization has unique needs. Wherever you do business, we have solutions to help.
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Manage the risks of doing business. HSBC offers an array of services designed to help you manage both your internal and external exposure.
Expand into new markets with greater confidence
Manage fluctuations in cash flow or to finance capital investment with help from our credit and lending services
Export, import, guarantees, and open occount finance solutions can help you mitigate counterparty risk

Our Managing risk solutions


Gain more control over exports, improve cashflow and manage risks associated with international trade more effectively using HSBC’s export finance facilities. Our trade specialists have in-depth knowledge to help you assess market risks.


Upon approval, access the working capital you need and improve cash flow by bridging the gap between settlement with suppliers and payment from buyers. Our import finance solutions offer flexible options.

Open account

Trade directly with organizations that have a good financial status and that also recognize your business’ good financial standing using HSBC’s open account solutions.
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