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Designed to maximize your returns, our HSBC Hybrid Checking Account combines an Earnings Credit Rate (ECR) with credit interest, earning you interest on every dollar deposited.
Benefit from your balance as every dollar in your account earns interest.
Lower costs by offsetting your service fees through earnings credit.
Start earning interest the day you sign up.

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HSBC Hybrid Checking Account Benefits

With the HSBC Hybrid Checking Account, you're not just holding your money—you're making it work for you. Accessible via HSBCnet, this account provides compensation for every dollar in the account by combining Earning Credits used to offset service charges with interest applied to any remaining net available balance.

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    Maximize yield

    Turn excess ECR balances into credit interest at the end of each billing period.

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    Save time and effort

    Reduce the number of accounts required to meet yield and cost objectives.

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    Lower costs

    Offset service fees and reduce taxable interest through Earnings Credit.

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    Deposits are eligible for FDIC deposit insurance coverage, subject to FDIC limitations.

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