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It's no surprise that companies these days need access to flexible capital to support ambitious growth objectives. Whether at home or abroad, it helps to have long-term banking relationships that can be trusted throughout all stages of maturity to achieve critical milestones, maintain cash flow and allow for agile investments.

As the leading international bank for technology-led startups around the world, HSBC's Venture Growth Financing solution is a natural extension of its global focus on technology financing and can support fast-paced growth with comprehensive banking products. The world needs more innovation and HSBC has a role to play.

Learn more about HSBC's Venture Growth Financing capabilities below.

How we're doing it

We're not the only venture growth financing lender, so what makes us different?

Unrivaled potential

  • We leverage an unparalleled international footprint with capabilities in 65 countries and a vast client network
  • We're a long-term banking partner able to support a company across all stages of maturity (early stage, growth stage, pre-IPO, public)
  • We have a comprehensive set of commercial and investment banking products (FX, Asset Management, L.O.C., Cards, etc.)
  • We're building on our global focus on technology coverage, allowing you to unlock decades of industry experience

Startup Financing Case Study: Hashicorp + HSBC

Startup business financing benefits and features

Increase optionality

Experience additional liquidity to capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

Growth capital

Empower your startup with seed funding and growth capital with minimal equity dilution

Runway extension

Have the ability to extend the cash runway until your organization's next big milestone.

Target companies

VC-backed, high growth startups including pre-EBITDA.

Startup business loan types

We offer term loans and revolving credit facilities.


Senior secured loans

Supporting Women and Minorities

Meghan Curtin from our HSBC Ventures team talks about the $100m of Venture Growth Finance we’ve carved out to support founders who are historically underrepresented. We believe furthering innovation for early-stage companies is critical to an equitable future.

We are trying to work in the same way that Venture Capitalists are in equaling the playing field and making things more on par.

Meghan Curtin McKenna | Managing Director, HSBC Ventures Originations

Our Net Zero Ambition

We are setting out an ambitious plan to prioritize financing and investment that supports the transition to a net zero global economy. We’re here to be the partner of VCs and technology companies transitioning to low carbon activities. That’s why we allocated $100 million from our venture growth financing fund to help our partners and clients develop cleantech solutions that can lead to a low carbon future for us all.

How we're positioned for startup growth financing



markets across the globe to achieve growth strategies

Extending up to


to eligible startups to promote growth



to financing startups focused on climate change solutions

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