HSBC Global Wallet

With our HSBC Global Wallet account, we make it easier to grow, pay and collect internationally.

Only we allow you the opportunity to open foreign currency wallets from the US as part of a full service banking solution.

  • Transact in multiple currencies including EUR, GBP, CAD, SGD, HKD, AUD, JPY, CNY, CHF*.
  • Control key foreign currencies without opening international accounts.
  • Gain control of account and foreign exchange fees.
  • Streamline international business payments with local account details.

HSBC Global Wallet, is enabling us to build stronger relationships with clients and vendors by doing business in their local currencies. With quicker payments and less barriers to growth in new markets this is facilitating our strategic growth.


Growing Internationally

Challenges businesses face when trying to grow

It’s complicated, costly and time consuming

  • Account fees
  • Foreign bank reporting requirements
  • Complex foreign account opening process
  • Learning a new bank platform in local language

With HSBC Global Wallet, you can simplify

  • No more need for multiple accounts and logins
  • Integration with business banking account in HSBCnet
  • One secure place to manage all your business needs, and hold nine foreign currencies in the US

Paying & Collecting Internationally

Challenges businesses face when trying to grow

Sending and receiving is expensive and frustrating

  • High wire transaction fees
  • FX costs that can be unknown and unmanaged
  • Invoice matching discrepancies due to FX and intermediary bank fees
  • Multiple days clearing

With HSBC Global Wallet, you can control and save

  • Minimize your transaction fees and reduce the number of foreign exchanges
  • Reduce the average clearing time by paying and receiving in local currencies
  • Better visibility and control over your overseas payments

HSBC Global Wallet fact sheet

For more information about HSBC Global Wallet's features and benefits, download our fact sheet.

HSBC Global Wallet overview

See how HSBC Global Wallet works in a quick video.

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