Sustainability for businesses

What does Corporate Sustainability look like?

Given the challenges our world has faced in recent years, Corporate Sustainability has become the forefront of business strategy with an increased focus on the social and environmental impacts of a brand. Learning sustainable business solutions helps mitigate risks, open up opportunities for sustainable growth, and build brand reputation. When partnering with HSBC, we will help your business achieve its environmental impact goals.

Mobilizing the transition to net zero

With change, comes opportunity. As the world changes, we understand our customers have evolving needs to unlock opportunity for sustainable growth and a need to act with our ecosystem of resources, tools, relationships and solutions. Our sustainability strategy has, at its core, a commitment to support our customers, understand and act on their transition to lower emissions and to help them achieve their wider sustainability ambitions. We're mobilizing finance and accelerating innovation to make this happen, working in partnership with our customers and those developing innovate climate tech to realize the opportunity to build a more sustainable, resilient, and prosperous future.

World’s Best Bank for Sustainable Finance

HSBC has committed to creating a more sustainable future by working towards our net zero goals for our own operations and supply chain, while additionally supporting the transition of our clients. Finance has a crucial role to play in tackling climate change - our stance on green financing has recognized us as a leading partner in the transition to a low-carbon world.

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What is the 'S' in ESG?

Learn what Social Impact is, why an inclusive economy is so important and how we’re supporting women and minorities.

The Future Grid

We're invested in high growth clients innovating in the Climate Tech space and driving the future grid.

Boosting Clean Technology

We created a $250M Venture Growth Finance fund to support Climate Tech solutions that can lead to a low carbon future. As the leading international bank for technology-led startups around the world, this solution is a natural extension of our global focus on technology financing and supporting high-growth companies with comprehensive banking products.

Transitioning to sustainable practices

We're committed to supporting SMEs looking for tangible ways to transition to sustainable practices. That's why we've summarized the key takeaways from our Drive 2022 event that covered 10 sessions with 20+ global experts providing their thoughts and incredible journeys to transitioning to more environmental and social practices for growth.

We can help you get started

How to get started on sustainability

Whether it’s complying with tighter regulation, meeting growing customer expectations or keeping pace with your competitors, businesses cannot afford to ignore sustainability. But how do you get started?

Celine Herweijer, HSBC Group Chief Sustainability Officer

Celine Herweijer, HSBC Group Chief Sustainability Officer, has been at the forefront of global work on sustainability and climate change for over a decade. Having worked with some of the worlds largest asset managers and banks on understanding climate rish and sustainable finance innovation, Celine's expertise will help lead HSBC's climate innovation agenda.

The importance of sustainable supply chains and the financial benefits

Hear from Matthew Frohling, Managing Director, Head of GTRF Sales at HSBC USA

Contact Mark Hillhouse, HSBC Sustainability Lead

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What is the 'S' in ESG

Learn what Social impact means, why an inclusive economy is so important to achieve a net zero future and how HSBC is committed to supporting women and minorities.

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We’re committed to a sustainable future and dedicating between $750bn and $1trn, alongside expert guidance and support, to help our clients - their partners and networks - transition to a low carbon economy. So we can all thrive in a greener tomorrow.


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