Generation and consumption of energy will both see significant changes in the coming years. We’re excited to support climate tech companies as they develop and commercialize the technologies that will increase access to reliable, clean energy.

Mark Hillhouse | Head of Sustainable Finance at HSBC US

What’s missing from the climate conversation

Leading Climate Tech solutions, including renewable energy, are lacking investments. We're changing the conversation.
Renewable energy is key to the future grid and financing is an enabler for its growth. HSBC is supporting the innovators in this space.

We’re funding the Future Grid

Here’s how some of our high growth clients innovating in the Climate Tech space and driving this agenda forward, and why we’re invested in the work that they do.

DERs are the connective tissue of the grid — but there’s a missing piece

Companies like Voltus have solutions and HSBC is helping power their growth.

How ChargePoint is shaping the future of mobility

The future of the grid is global. That’s why EV company ChargePoint partnered with us.

How HSBC is helping Powin, an energy storage company, grow

How a global financial partner is helping energy storage companies grow.

Venture Growth Finance

We’re here to be the partner of VCs and technology companies transitioning to low carbon activities. How are we doing it?

Unrivaled potential

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    We leverage an unparalleled international footprint with capabilities in 65 countries and a vast client network

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    We're a long-term banking partner able to support a company across all stages of maturity (early stage, growth stage, pre-IPO, public)

  • We have a comprehensive set of commercial and investment banking products (FX, Asset Management, L.O.C., Cards, etc.)

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    We're building on our global focus on technology coverage, allowing you to unlock decades of industry experience

We’re determined to support key startups and technologies that enable the transition to a net zero global economy. Due to overwhelming demand, we’ve more than doubled our target to $250 million in order to accelerate the commercialization of Climate Tech solutions.

Prasant Chunduru | Global Head of Venture Growth Finance at HSBC

US Solar Update

What recent US policy moves have brightened the outlook for solar power? Hear from HSBC’s Camila Sarmiento as she discusses how these policies may offer a helping hand to installers and manufacturers alike.

Net Zero Commitments

We set out an ambitious plan to prioritize financing and investment that supports the transition to a net zero global economy – and helps to build a thriving, resilient future for society and businesses. HSBC committed up to $1tn, alongside expert guidance and support, to:

We’ve committed to essentially have a net zero target across all of our finance commissions portfolio. So to be able to do that, that means fundamentally changing how we finance it, fundamentally changing our risk appetite, changing our culture, our policies, our processes of capability.

Celine Herweijer | Global Chief Sustainability Officer at HSBC

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