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As our customer, you can look forward to:

Dedicated service

You’ll receive dedicated service from an HSBC Relationship Manager to support your business’ growth and banking requirements

Cash, trade and FX

You’ll have access to cash, trade and FX specialists to deliver integrated solutions to help you unlock greater business opportunities

Customized solution

We help develop a customized banking solution that recognizes the uniqueness of your business and its needs

Global research

You’ll have access to HSBC’s vast library of global research, which includes online and mobile access for first-hand market insights, macroeconomic and currency research

Digital solutions

You’ll have access to HSBC’s digital business banking solutions for simpler, better and faster banking access 24/7

International network

Your business can leverage HSBC’s international network to provide you with the connections and expertise you need to take you business further

I want to have one partner that can guide me through the language, the business environment and the contractual responsibilities in any given country.

Jeff Mains | CEO of ANPC

Why bank with us?

With more than 150 years of experience in banking serving businesses and corporates, HSBC has the global connections and expertise to support your business' growth plans. Our business banking services and solutions are designed to provide more than just transactional service, it's about providing small to medium enterprises with the right support to grow.

Supporting sustainability across small and medium-sized businesses

We're committed to supporting SMEs looking for tangible ways to transition to sustainable practices. That's why we've summarized the key takeaways from our Drive 2022 event that covered 10 sessions with 20+ global experts providing their thoughts and incredible journeys to transitioning to more environmental and social practices for growth.

Business Banking client stories

Watch: How The Mixx is Advocating for LGBTQ+ Representation in Marketing

HSBC Business Banking client, The Mixx, harnesses the marketing industry’s responsibility to lead the way on diversity, equity and inclusion. Learn more about how they created a marketing agency built on valuing DEI and a belief that growth comes from a willingness to adapt, change and create.

Watch: Why Gillies Coffee Wants to Change the World One Cup at a Time

HSBC Business Banking client, Gillies Coffee, is no stranger to resilience and responsibility as a 180-year-old small business. Learn more about how they were able to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic with local community support and their experience in securing a PPP loan.

HSBC Global Wallet

Seamlessly switch between foreign currencies.

International transactions made simple

With HSBC Global Wallet, you can control key foreign currencies without opening accounts overseas.

HSBC International Payments & FX Management

Discover how our FX solutions can help your business grow.

Tap into our FX tools and expertise

Find out how our products and services can help meet your foreign currency needs. Discover our FX solutions today.
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