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Clearing and foreign currency payments

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Optimize your working capital and more efficiently make international transactions in local and foreign currencies by using HSBC's global payment and account solutions.
Enjoy integrated global financial exchange service across all time zones with foreign currency wallets available
Competitive currency exchange rate pricing that works for your business model and international transaction frequency
Reduce recurring transaction errors by validating details online with immediate confirmations and customized templates

HSBC Global Wallet

With our HSBC Global Wallet account we make it easier to grow, pay and collect internationally.

Our global clearing and foreign currency payment solutions

Commercial and treasury payments

Make high-value electronic domestic and international payments speedily

International letter of credit reimbursement

Facilitate global payments under a documentary credit by matching authorizations provided by the issuing bank against claims received.

Payment settlement services

Mitigate trade risk by settling foreign exchange transactions and ensure timely execution of payment obligations.

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