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Global payables

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Simplify global payment processes by making paper-based and electronic domestic and international payments quickly and easily.
Manage all of your worldwide expenses and payments more effectively using our global payables solutions
Minimize your exposure to payment fraud with automated transmission, streamlined review processes and customized user privileges
Streamline payments management with tools for faster reconciliation so you can take time back for other projects

Our global payment solutions

Account reconciliation services

Simplify reconciliation of outgoing domestic & international payments and outstanding receivables to identify exceptions quickly by systematically matching your account balances against transactions.

Check outsourcing

Save time and resources by centralizing the processing, printing and mailing of all your out-going paper checks regardless of currency.

Credit transfers

Reduce the time and expense of processing paper checks using electronic payment solution to make fast, secure and cost-effective worldwide payments.

Positive pay

Prevent fraud by comparing checks presented for payment against issuance data, ensuring that check number and dollar amounts match exactly.

HSBC Global Wallet

With our HSBC Global Wallet account we make it easier to grow, pay and collect internationally.
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