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We understand that running a global business is challenging, with multiple accounts across the world, financing options based on local performance, inefficiencies in levels of capital and liquidity and frequent barriers to entry in new markets. We can be your dedicated partner, delivering a consistent banking experience globally.

We have corporate banking products and solutions tailored to the unique needs of your global business. From consolidating bank accounts to leveraging the company’s global credit position in subsidiaries around the world, HSBC’s International Banking teams can deliver compelling benefits to both parent companies and their subsidiaries, helping facilitate growth in new markets.

Spanning over

50 countries

to give you true global access

We speak

24 languages

and provide corridor knowledge


9 dedicated

and specialized sector leads

Reach your global growth ambitions with HSBC

The success of your growing business depends on the connectivity of your global network. Hear from James Gallagher, US Head of International Banking, on how HSBC's International Banking offering can help support your international expansion efforts.

There’s a focus on understanding our underlying clients’ needs and that is done via a specific understanding of the cross-border banking framework… and one of our key strategic advantages centers around the diversity of our people.

James Gallagher | US Head of International Banking

Entering the World’s Largest and Most Productive Economy

No matter where a business is looking to expand, it’s vital they have the right partners in place – ones offering an international banking approach and vast experience with global businesses. Learn how HSBC helps with entering the U.S. economy.

HSBC’s Centralization Support Helps PageGroup Manage Big Decisions

PageGroup – a large multinational company – has moved to a centralized treasury model as part of its “One Global Finance” vision, and HSBC has been integral to its success in navigating local nuances while maintaining global control.

Classic Fashion Story

From the company's beginnings in Jordan, to opening a trading hub in Dubai, followed by manufacturing hubs in Bangladesh and India, HSBC's international network has been there to support Classic Fashion on its global growth journey.

International business knowledge

Cross-border banking is extremely nuanced and requires a unique set of skills – ones that our entire team are well-versed in. Collectively, we speak 24 languages, understand how to manage businesses in the context of cultural differences and ensure that the solutions we provide are customized to the needs of every bespoke business and where they are located. Each and every team member is a seasoned expert in this field. We also have nine dedicated sector leads, each with high levels of specialization.

Learn more about how our access to a true global network differentiates us from the rest of our competition, and how our global imprint can help companies of all shapes and sizes along their journey of expansion.

If you’re looking to expand your operation into new markets, our international insights can help connect you to opportunities. Visit out International Banking business guides here.

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