Our annual Navigator research shows that confidence among businesses like yours is booming. We surveyed more than 9,000 business decision makers across the world to understand the challenges, threats and most importantly, opportunities they face. Our headline findings and in-depth market reports can help you as you look to identify new customers, hone your business strategy and make informed decisions to stay ahead of the pack.

Let us guide you through a whole world of opportunity: Navigator - Be better informed

Highlights - Businesses like yours are growing and changing through these five key strategies - are you?

Spotting opportunities

Have you identified the right
opportunities? Here are the top 3:

1. Maximising on new markets
opening up

2. Investing in technology

3. Exploring new products and services

Making smart investments

Are you investing in processes and


of businesses are investing to support more sustainable production in the next five years

Preparing to change

Are you prepared to transform your


of businesses are expecting total or substantial change over the next five years

Investing in people

Are you implementing people policies?


of businesses agree that the mental well-being of their people is critical to success

Moving online

Are you digitising your business?


of businesses like yours are dealing with political uncertainty by moving more business online

Barry O’Byrne, Interim CEO, HSBC Global Commercial Banking

"We understand that there's a lot of uncertainty this year. In the nature of this environment - a proactive and resilient approach is critical.

We're working with clients to adopt a proactive approach and support them to make informed changes.

The Navigator research demonstrates the critical areas to focus on - customer experience and bringing new skills to your work-force."

Planning for the future, what are your opportunities?

  • Leverage the wider benefits of doing trade: Your competitors are maximising opportunities to drive innovation and efficiency, as well as using it to have an impact on the environment and society. Are you tapping into the wider potential?
  • Prioritise investments: It's more important than ever to divert finances in the right direction. Technology, People and Sustainability are top of your competitors' lists - are they at the top of yours?
  • Look beyond profits: Are you putting People, Planet and Purpose at the core of your strategy? Competitors are using this approach to grow their business.
  • Make sustainability essential: Nearly all businesses are feeling the pressure to become more sustainable. Savvy businesses are using it to improve efficiency and drive sales. Have you unlocked the full potential of moving to a sustainable future?

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Trading with China

90% of businesses in China are optimistic about the next 5 years, markedly higher than their global peers. Are you making the most of opportunities in this thriving market?

Growth Businesses

More than a fifth of businesses are considerably more optimistic about their business than their peers.


96% of businesses feel increasing pressure to become more sustainable

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