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96% of businesses feel increasing pressure to become more sustainable


Businesses are telling us that over the next five years, they are expecting increasing pressure to become more sustainable from customers, government and competitors. This means the need to operate sustainably is not only felt throughout your business, but also your value chain.

We are committed to helping businesses transition to a more sustainable future, which means unlocking finance - the single greatest challenge many businesses like yours face in operating more sustainably.

Read on to see how you can bridge your sustainability and business goals from those businesses who are already are.

Sustainability and commercial goals go hand in hand - your business case for sustainability investment from those who already are:

Highlight benefits in efficiencies

Sustainability is a win-win investment for your business

26% of businesses are motivated to become sustainable to improve operational efficiency

Link to talent

Demonstrate that it's a commercial investment and a people investment

19% of your peers are using sustainability credentials to attract and retain top talent

Demonstrate growth potential

When seeking buy-in, link it back to wider and long-term commercial goals

23% of businesses are already using sustainable practices to grow their sales

Meet expectations

Acknowledge that ESG metrics are increasingly important for your business

24% of businesses are motivated to become sustainable to meet regulatory standards

Demonstrate competitive advantages

Emphasise that the greatest pressure to become more sustainable in the next 5 years will come from competitors

23% of businesses are motivated to become sustainable to gain a competitive advantage

What barriers do you see your business facing over the next five years when transitioning to a more sustainable future?

Extra finance: 35% of businesses see financing as a barrier. Win buy-in by showing how sustainable practices improve efficiencies, gain a competitive advantage and grow sales.

Finding the time: 31% of businesses struggle with the availability of people and time to enable their business to become more sustainable. Demonstrate that the time investment could enable your business headcount to grow, through attracting and retaining top talent.

Lack of consistent measurement and reporting: 27% of businesses are frustrated by the lack of consistency in the measurement of ESG principles. Attitudes are shifting and businesses like yours are focusing on product safety and quality, energy usage, and executive salary and compensation.

The business case for addressing your sustainability opportunities is becoming clearer and stronger than ever before. We are seeing more of our clients look to us to bridge the sustainability and finance gap.

Susanna Wilson | Global Head of Sustainable Networks

HSBC is making the transition to become more sustainable, and we want to work together with you to create a more sustainable future.

Our network, financial expertise, tools and connections can help support businesses of all sizes to transition to be more sustainable.

In 2017, HSBC pledged to provide USD100 billion of sustainable finance by 2025; in the first year we have already committed more than USD25 billion cumulatively across 35 markets.

We are seeing our clients announce bold commitments to make sustainability changes, and we know that finance has a critical role to play in their transition to building a more sustainable future. Now is the time for us all to work together from your Finance, Procurement to your Treasury teams and Sustainability colleagues - this is a total business approach.


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