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A letter from our Food & Beverage Sector Head

On behalf of HSBC Bank and our colleagues worldwide, we’d like to express our appreciation and gratitude for all the hard work and dedication to those employed through the food and beverage industry during the pandemic, who managed to meet the needs of the consumers despite setbacks. The challenges these companies faced led to certain changes, processes, use of data and new technology that should help mitigate supply change disruptions in the future.

HSBC’s knowledge and understanding of the food and beverage industry positions the Bank well and allows us to help our clients achieve their operating goals and growth aspirations during both challenging and less challenging environments.

So here’s to the men and women that work inside the farm gate to those that process, manufacture, and deliver the food and beverages throughout the world. Were it not for their devotion, the consumer would not have been able to enjoy a balanced, nutritional diet.

All the best,

John Church

Through the provision of standard and structured credit facilities, M&A advisory services, capital markets products and treasury management services, HSBC can help Food & Beverage clients manage their growth no matter the circumstances.


Changing Consumer Trends


ESG Focus

Climate change is at the forefront of consumer’s minds.  As a result food and beverage companies are focusing on sourcing from suppliers that employ regenerative practices and focus on sustainability within their production methods. Plant-based protein and healthier-for-you food alternatives have become increasingly popular with many consumers.


Global Growth Strategy

Food and Beverage companies are in a continuous state of growth geographically and through new product innovation.  M&A activity and investments in start-up companies which develop and produce new, innovative products has increased since the beginning of 2021.  While disruption in supply chain channels caused by the pandemic led to logistic challenges and a desire to source more products locally, companies remain interested in sourcing internationally and building a presence in highly populated countries with an improving socioeconomic environment.


Sales Channel Diversification

The Covid-19 pandemic led to a change in the way in which consumers shop for groceries.  Digital/e-commerce delivery platforms and curbside pickup gained tremendous momentum in the past 18 months, and it appears the elevated use of these platforms is here to stay.

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