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Every organization has unique needs. Wherever you do business, we have solutions to help.
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We move money – a lot of it. We facilitate billions of USD payments for our clients every year. Our award-winning payment solutions empower companies to conduct business efficiently and quickly within the 60+ markets we operate in.
Make faster payments and reduce reliance on paper checks by modernizing your treasury operations with HSBC.
Integrate your treasury management systems for enhanced visibility utilizing HSBC APIs.
Generate value by identifying payment opportunities to extend working capital and improve vendor relationships.

Solutions for executing US domestic payments

Faster Payments

Make faster payments and accelerate your accounts payable process with Real Time Payments, HSBC Virtual Cards, or Same Day ACH.

Wire Payments

Execute same day Priority Payments or funds transfers to beneficiaries at other financial institutions using the extensive HSBC global network.

Global Disbursements

Disburse payments globally using a single funding account to over 130 currencies and coverage in up to 175 countries. Empower beneficiaries to self-manage their funds delivery, reducing your need to enter destination bank details.

Domestic Disbursements

Save time and streamline transactions by utilizing domestic disbursement solutions such as virtual cards, ACH conversion, or check outsourcing to pay suppliers.

Virtual Card

Optimize your payment process by minimizing reliance on paper checks and plastic cards. Our digital solution generates unique, one-time-use credentials for each transaction.

Commercial Cards

Maximize working capital and earn rewards on eligible purchases with our flexible payment terms when utilizing our commercial card solutions.

Solutions to receive domestic payments

Remote Deposit Capture

Deposit checks on-the-go and send them directly to your HSBC bank account. Our mobile and remote scanning solutions accommodate your accounts receivable needs, whether for individual paper checks or high-volume business deposits.


Optimize your cash flow visibility, reduce days sales outstanding (DSO), and capture data efficiently with our highly configurable lockbox solutions.

Receivables Management Solutions

Simplify payment and remittance information from various clearing channels, including ACH, wire payments, and checks. Our solutions offer flexible reporting and seamless integration with your accounts receivable system and processes.

Virtual Accounts

Simplify bank account management by identifying receivable groups in one bank account. Efficiently segregate and reconcile incoming receivables and generate reports to match collections with your accounts receivable.

What sets HSBC apart

Payments expertise

Our Global Payments Solutions team possesses extensive knowledge across different markets, sectors, and products. We are here to help you transform your treasury in alignment with your business ambitions.

Global network

With operations in over 60 markets, including major US hubs like San Francisco and New York, we are well-positioned to support your domestic and cross-border treasury needs.

Stability and scale

As one of the largest banks globally, with $3 trillion in assets and a robust credit rating, we offer the stability and resources necessary to support your business.

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HSBC Global Wallet

Simplify your international payments and collections with our multicurrency account.

HSBC Commercial Cards

Take control of your business expenses and better manage working capital.


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