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Meet two HSBC graduate analysts who are learning, growing and networking as a part of our early career program.

Monday, August 17, 2020

With Cynthia Attah and Danielle Cammarosano

At HSBC, we welcome recent graduates who will bring fresh perspectives and knowledge to our different business areas. Our graduate analyst program is designed to stretch and challenge new hires, allowing them to work with a network of colleagues and mentors who provide support and growth opportunities. The analysts gain the skills they need to progress their career and contribute to HSBC’s continuing success. We met with Cynthia Attah and Danielle Cammarosano, two analysts who joined our 2020 analyst class to discuss their experience in their 6 months on the job.

Tell us a bit about your background before you joined the HSBC team.

Cynthia: I’m Cynthia Attah. I’m from Somerset, NJ and I attended Rutgers University where I graduated with a degree in Finance and Economics. Prior to starting at the bank full time, I completed internships at RCLCO, a boutique asset management firm in Los Angeles, and BofA Merrill Lynch where I interned in the Global Wealth and Investment Management division.

Danielle: I attended Fordham University where I received a Bachelor of Science in Finance with a minor in Economics. My first internship was during my sophomore year with Borland Capital Group, a family office in midtown. My manager at Borland, Kevin Connors, was instrumental in igniting my interest in and passion for finance. Following my junior year, I interned with HSBC on the ISB West Region team under Tracy Redfern and Ann Brusgaard.

What initially drew you to the HSBC grad analyst program?

Cynthia: I was drawn to the grad program at HSBC mainly because of the rotational aspect and the commitment to training young talent. The one week orientation in London, credit training course and credit boot camp ensured that we were equipped with the right tools to succeed in our program.

The international aspect of the bank was also very appealing to me being someone of an ethnically diverse background.

Danielle: I was initially drawn in by the wonderful people, and I wanted to stay for the opportunities offered to me as a young person, just joining the bank. HSBC recruited on Fordham’s campus. I had conversations with junior and senior members of the bank, all of whom treated me like a valued member of the team. All through the internship interview process I stayed in touch with the individuals I met, and their support and willingness to answer any questions was unwavering. After joining as an intern and seeing the opportunities and responsibilities given to graduates, I was sure if given the chance, I would join the graduate program full time.

What HSBC team are you working with and what does your day to day look like?

Cynthia: I am currently in my credit rotation reporting to the large Corporates team in New York. More recently, I was aligned as a Designated Grad Analyst to the ISB Texas team and have enjoyed getting exposure to a range of clients across various portfolios and understanding the nuances involved in dealing with various clients. My day-to-day activities include drafting client annual reviews/amendments and crafting email responses, maintaining contact with relationship managers who support our clients, participating in employee resource groups and other graduate activities and trainings.

Danielle: I am currently covering ISB East and Corporate Boston Credit Management. Every day is different, but it usually consists of annual reviews, dealing with any new money requests that come up for the month, and ad hoc projects as they come up within Credit Management.

How has your experience changed since the COVID-19 pandemic started? Do you feel like you are missing out on any of the opportunities within the program because of the work-from-home orders?

Cynthia: The pandemic has demonstrated the need to remain connected and productive. I would say it has pushed me to be more proactive in communicating my workload and capacity to ensure that I am staying engaged and on track with learning despite working from home. The biggest lesson for me has been navigating peoples’ communication style to maintain efficiency in completing my tasks.

Danielle: The way we do things has changed, and there has been a huge shift in how we communicate, but the core of our day to day remains the same. Networking and connecting through the program has not stopped, it has just moved to virtual now.

Based on your initial interest in the program, have your expectations been met thus far?

Cynthia: I came in with the expectation to learn and absorb as much as I could in the analyst program and so far, my expectations have been met.

I have been surrounded by people that are willing to coach, mentor and provide feedback as necessary. The grad program has provided me with an invaluable learning experience and the people I have come in contact with have helped to further heighten it.

Danielle: My expectations have changed since I first joined the program. Before joining full time, I had a much narrower view of what my career could look like. After my first year with HSBC, I am confident of the vast career paths and prospects available to me as a member of the team.

Describe the work culture you have experienced at HSBC (work/life balance, peers, leadership, etc.)

Cynthia: I believe the culture at HSBC is exactly as described in its values: open, connected and dependent. I have received a lot of support from other analyst and credit managers within CMB. Every person is open to having conversations, building relationships and answering any questions you may have. I have found that it has made the learning process easier and my experience as HSBC more enjoyable. Working in CMB (Commercial Banking) also allows me time for my hobbies outside of work.

Danielle: HSBC is my first job out of college, but from conversations with peers at other banks and fellow HSBC colleagues, I have a wonderful work/life balance and company culture.

What do you see for your future at HSBC?

Cynthia: I have enjoyed working in credit management and am looking forward to rolling off into a full time position at the bank at the conclusion of my rotational program. Ideally, I would like to stay in credit management and am open to working with various credit teams to continue developing my credit skills.

Danielle: Currently, I want to roll off into a credit team in NYC. I have enjoyed my 8 months in credit very much, and I think that it takes a great utilization of qualitative and quantitative skills. More forward looking, I am very interested in the International Managers Program. I believe HSBC’s international presence is its biggest asset and the IM program allows you to be a part of what makes this bank so dynamic.

At HSBC we recognize that recruiting strong talent now will lead to an effective organization with diverse perspectives in the future. Whether you are studying art or architecture, business studies or social studies there is a place for you on our Commercial Banking Graduate Program. See how your skills can adapt to different areas of our business while developing new skills to help kick-start your career in the Commercial Bank. Click here to learn more.

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