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Economy 2.0: Top 5 Trends from Our Experts

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Learn what key trends our experts are forecasting for the year ahead

With consumer spending and investment strong, our thought leaders expect the US economy to keep growing at a good pace in 2022. This was the theme of our annual outlook event – which brought our global trade and receivables, ESG and private banking and investment experts together to talk about what trends and opportunities they see for the coming year. Here’s a snapshot of what we’re keeping an eye on and what it means for the future.

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    Technology Revolution: The technology revolution is just beginning, but it will be a significant driver in economic growth for 2022. This includes using technology to digitize the supply chains to make them more resilient, a key theme going forward.

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    Closing the Digital Divide: The US and other markets are still seeing a labor shortage in the wake of the great resignation, but technology will displace even more jobs. We have to close the digital divide by retraining workers for the jobs that will come along with Economy 2.0

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    Investing in the Workforce: Investors are becoming more interested in how companies treat their employees. Building more sustainable businesses will mean investing in talent and diversity.

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    Prioritizing Decarbonization: Halving global emissions by 2030 – as mapped out in the Race to Zero commitment – means companies in every sector will need to decarbonize rapidly. That’s going to require continued innovation to gain more access to clean, reliable and affordable energy.

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    Energy transition: A major global initiative, the energy transition will focus on climate tech – renewable energy, energy storage, electric vehicles and carbon capture. We also expect to start hearing more about energy products that burn cleaner but just as well as petroleum-based fuel in the next six to 12 months.

Overall, HSBC sees 2022 as a year of recovery and growth, with technology at the center of it all.

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